Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020 | Digital Advertising

The digital age has presented business owners of all types with the opportunity to reach thousands, even millions, of customers that they never could have only 20 years ago. While this possibility is a perk of our technological era, it is often overwhelming to know where to begin.?

How do you reach your ideal customer? The one that buys from your brand over and over again, and tells their friends and family to do the same??

We’d argue that the answer to that question lies in digital advertising. Armed with the right strategies, you can work smarter, not harder, to advertise to an audience that is perfectly tailored to your business.?

In this post, we will give you an overview of exactly what we mean by “digital advertising” and what to keep in mind as you craft a plan for your business.?

What is Digital Advertising?

Let’s start with the basics. Digital advertising is the process of promoting your brand’s content or product to potential buyers through a digital platform like an app or website.?

So, in a sense, digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing. The end goal is the same: to convince customers that your brand will fill a desire or need that they have better than anyone else could. Period.?

But, digital marketing is much, much more powerful than traditional marketing. Consider the advertising industry of the 1960s à la Mad Men. Every marketing campaign that was run during that time period was marketed to the masses, no matter how brilliant or nuanced the content was. Really, the only mediums they had to advertise with were television, magazines, billboards, and mailers. They marketed to the masses, and hoped that their ideal customer saw their ad and found themselves convinced to take action and buy from that brand.?

Digital advertising eliminates the need to market to the masses. In digital advertising, your business can advertise to as specific an audience as you’d like.?

Using data collected by search engines, web browsers, and social media companies, you can study the browsing, reading, and shopping habits of your customer base and then appeal to their needs and desires confidently.?

In another post, we dive into three of the main types of digital advertising. In that post, we discuss:

  • Social Media Ads – using data collected from social media companies, you can advertise on your customers’ feeds according to their interests or demographics.
  • Search Engine Ads – using data collected from search engines like Google, your business can pay to have your site ranked highest for various keywords and searches. With proper research, this can be a very efficient way to appeal to the perfect customer, someone who is actively looking for your services!?
  • Display Ads – these ads are displayed to the right, left, top, or bottom of third-party websites. The hope here is to catch the attention of a customer when they are shopping or browsing online.?


How you Measure Success

There are a few ways to measure the success of your advertisements. Obviously, if you are able to directly attribute sales to an ad, that’s the best success indicator of them all. But, the buyer’s “journey” isn’t always short nor straight. It often takes many interactions with your brand via your ads before a purchase is made.?

So, how do you know if your ads are doing a good job of “warming” up your potential buyers??

Track a few key metrics to assess this type of success:

  1. Reach – This is basic. How many people did you “reach” with your ad? This is a good place to start to make sure that you are focusing on the platforms where your customers are spending the most time.
  2. CTR – Click-Through Rate – How many people actually clicked on your ad? This shows a warm lead – an interested buyer. The higher the click-through rate, the more successful the ad.?
  3. ROI – Return on investment – This is an important number to assess with each ad campaign that you run. How much did you spend on the ads versus how much you made? Tracking this number will help your business to be scrupulous in its decisions surrounding advertising.


Do’s and Don’ts?

The digital advertising world is an example of playing the “long game.” You’ll need to constantly reevaluate, analyze, and refresh your content and strategies. We’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts of digital advertising to get you going.


  • DO keep it short and sweet – like any type of ad, you have only seconds to catch the attention of your buyers. Short, concise, calls-to-action are the name of the game here.?
  • DO crunch the numbers- once your ad is out into the world, your work is not done. It is imperative that you track the success of different ads on different platforms and then tweak and refine your approach based on what you find.


  • DON’T promise something you can’t deliver- make sure that you keep your ads up-to-date with the actual promotions you’re running and products that are available. Nothing frustrates customers more than false information, even if it’s accidental!
  • DON’T use the same ads for different websitesthe ad that you wrote and designed for Facebook probably won’t carry the same selling power on Instagram or LinkedIn. Be aware of the norms and behaviors of people on each platform and cater to them.

Digital advertising is a true power tool for all businesses, but especially small ones. With a small team and budget, your business can still make a big splash in your target market.?

Deal Digital can provide you with support in your ad design, implementation, and strategy. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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