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Renew Alliance


There are so many companies out there that promise they can deliver great performance; however, so few can truly deliver like OperationROI.

We have been a long time customer of OperationalROI (almost 4 years). They are very professional, and honest with what they can do for managing our Amazon ad account, as well as Google. There are so many companies out there that promise they can deliver great performance; however, so few can truly deliver. Few years ago when we knew we had to outsource to an agency to help manage our Google Ads and Amazon account, we did our research and identify a few agencies. One of them was OperationalROI. Their co-fouunder was on board the call and we went through what they can do, and our expectation, as well as our budget, keywords etc. What makes OperationROI stands out among the rest is the team can be reached anytime. We have weekly call to review performance, budget and target. Our business could not have grown so much without their expertise and dedication. If you are looking for a professional and credible agency to help grow your online presence, I highly recommend OperationROI.

— Grace Pederson, Founder

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Pure Amazon Genius

I hired OperationROI to help grow sales of our digital software after Amazon made some bizarre changes which dramatically dropped our sales. The team dug in and got us “up and earning” again quickly on Seller Central, then kicked in the afterburners with some choice ad spending and a move to all-digital sales over on Vendor Central. Their inside knowledge of the platform is excellent, as was their ability to maximize all aspects of its use relevant to our business. The weekly meetings, reports, and near-instantaneous responses kept me in the know and enabled us to tweak anything if needed – very much appreciate their overall service!

— Kevin La Rue, VP, Int’l Bus Dev

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I highly recommend OperationROI

They did an unbelievable job with our shopping feed. We never anticipated the huge increase in sales in such a short time. I highly recommend OperationROI.

— Greg Thompson, Director of Sales & Operations

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I’ve Been With OperationROI For Over 3 Years

I’ve been with OperationROI for over 3 years now and couldn’t be happier! Their knowledge of Amazon is superior. Profits have increased every year and we couldn’t have grown without them.

— Ted Claudat, Owner

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I Can’t Thank OperationROI Enough

I can’t thank OperationROI enough for the outstanding design and service we received that literally went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional EBC page on Amazon. It was a challenging design and complex concept to begin with but they really listened to us and took their time to understand our business and vision. The team at OperationROI was very patient and extremely talented, our EBC page came out better than I could have ever imagined!

— Ken Anderson, Owner

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The OperationROI Team Knows Their Stuff

The OperationROI team knows their stuff and that includes the subtle nuances that make a huge difference between winning and losing out on sales. Your best bet is to call them, ask the tough questions, and learn the truth about what you’re searching for answers on. They’re varied in their skill sets and collaborate very well internally to deliver a well-rounded and ongoing rich addition to your business. Need them for a small thing, yep, they’ll do that. Need them for it all, no doubt, they got you there too. I could go on and on, but seriously call them and you’ll find an approachable team with the value-add you’re looking for.

— Michael Medwin, COO

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No Other Company Has Come Remotely Close To Comparing To What OperationROI Has Done

We’ve used a number of different agencies claiming to be experts in Amazon Product Ads and researched many, many more. They all claim to have the best methods, the best systems and best results. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Late last year, our previous agency ruined our APA program and caused the revenue to decline by 80% due to mismanagement and having no attention to detail.

I was about to give up entirely on APA but decided to give OperationROI a shot as it couldn’t get any worse. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. Our revenue is up 700% in 3.5 months with our ACoS down 75%. OperationROI’s methodical approach to APA as well as their effort in learning and understanding our business, margins and goals has been key in our performance results. They went the extra mile to dig not only dig into my current APA account but also my business. No other company we researched or tried in the past have come remotely close to comparing to what OperationROI has done. They have not only turned around our APA program but allowed it to thrive and surpass our loftiest goals!

— Devin Weisleder, Owner

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Vision Mobile USA


OperationROI Actually Got Us Results

After working with OperationROI for nearly a year, I can recommend them with confidence. Unlike other agencies that have managed our Amazon campaigns, OperationROI actually got results. They not only improved our ppc campaigns, but suggested great ways to optimize our listings which helped increase our organic sales as well. I cannot thank the team at OperationROI enough, as they have truly exceed our expectations.

— Vision Mobile USA

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Eniva Health


Our Amazon Revenues Have Consistently Increased

On behalf of everyone at Eniva Health, we want to extend a sincere thank you to OperationROI!

Our Amazon revenues have consistently increased under the professional guidance from OperationROI. Literally this month, we crossed the “1000 units sold” mark for the first time! The team at OperationROI is incredibly responsive and provides the management expertise to make our Amazon selling a great success!

— Andy Baechler, CEO

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Lacrosse Balls Direct


OperationROI is Fantastic

I thought OperationROI was like all the other companies but I realized after using them they are simply the best and they do what they say they’re going to do.

— Lance Sherman, Owner

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Lola Products


Highly Recommend

We’ve been working with OperationROI for roughly 6 months and in that time we’ve seen a significant growth in our Google Shopping revenue. We’re so pleased with their services, that we decided to use them for our other company as well! Their customer service is top of the line!

— Mike Foti

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Lucky Premium Treats


We have been working with OpeationROI for about 2 years

We have been working with OpeationROI for about 2 years. I have to say they make every effort to be accommodating to our needs. From time to time we do have to jog them when we see our Amazon numbers tanking. That said they are very nice folks and we are enjoying working with them. We have been through 5 companies before finding OperationROI with the longest engagement lasting 1 year so that the fact that we have been with them for two years speaks volumes of our opinion of them.

— Al Lostocco,?Owner

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Stud Bar


OperationROI handles the web marketing and keeps us current with e-commerce sales outlets

As a product developer, I have no experience in web marketing or navigating a business relationship with Amazon particularly their confusing vendor platform. OperationROI allows me to focus on my product while they handle the web marketing and keeping us current with e-commerce sales outlets.

— Mark Ritchie,?Owner

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OperationROI?is one of the top?agencies

Having worked with OperationROI for nearly a decade, I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact they’ve had on several top brands and online businesses. Greg, Tony, and his team have the proven experience and solid understanding needed to navigate the murky waters of?ecommerce?and multi-channel selling.

OperationROI is one of the top agencies I wholeheartedly recommend to any brand or retail clients looking to upgrade their?ecommerce?marketing operations. And I will continue to do so because I know they will be in the trusted, competent hands of one of our industry’s best PPC agencies.

— Lin Grosman,?Director of Communications & PR

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Digital Revenue Media


OperationROI has been a strategic partner of our company since 2010

Thought I would take a few minutes to highlight our experience with OperationROI. Originally we started working with them utilizing their services for data feed creation and management as well as managing our shopping feeds on various networks. We have also used OperationROI for Google services like Adwords bidding and Shopping campaigns. Additionally, we have used them for Affiliate network setup as well as campaign management on affiliate networks.

8 years later, we are still using OperationROI as a strategic partner. We still use them for AdWord’s campaign management as well as Amazon Vendor and Seller assistance. At present they are executing all of our Amazon A Plus page creation. We couldn’t be more pleased with their executive level of expertise and assistance. Big thank you to the OperationROI team for all of their help over the years. We love you guys!

— Derek White,?CEO/Founder

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Considered Experts By Their Peers

I’ve had the privilege of doing business with the owners of OperationROI for nearly two decades. These guys are veterans in their field, considered experts by their peers. Highly recommended!

— Eric Larson,?Owner

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Electrical Marketplace


OperationROI has been our Internet advertising wing man.

OperationROI has been our Internet advertising wing man for the past two years. They took the time to understand our business and present our company professionally online..

— Tom Haggerty,?President

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Palm Beach Perfumes


We highly recommend their service to any business looking to increase both their sales and ROI from their advertising budget.

Before we started with OperationROI, our company was spending many hours trying to get our Google and Bing feeds to work properly and were seeing very little return on our investment of both time and money. Since we started working with OperationROI, they have saved us so much time and money and we have started to see a real return on our advertising budget. They have also recommended and seamlessly setup new advertising and shopping feeds and actively managing and optimizing all our feeds to ensure we are achieving the best possible return.

They have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

— Shulie Waldman,?President

The Easton Press


Over two years working with OperationROI and we feel confident in recommending them to anyone.

Easton Press has been working with OperationROI for over two years and have been very happy with the results. OperationROI has constantly looked to find ways to improve our internet sales. Their reporting is prompt and accurate. They have also been very responsive in looking for new opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with OperationROI and feel confident in recommending them to anyone looking for someone to manage their internet shopping campaigns.

Michael Hendricks – Vice President at MBI, Inc.

Simply Speakers


Results with OperationROI have been great.

We had been running our own campaign with Google Shopping for a few years and were not having much success with it. Google had removed our listings due to some product image issues and that left us without any exposure.

We started a search for a 3rd party company that could run our campaign and interviewed several over the course of a month or so before finally deciding on OperationROI. OperationROI was very responsive to our concerns and assured us they could increase our ROI.

We started with them in December of 2014 and have seen a steady increase in sales on Google and Bing. The reporting provided by OperationROI is top notch. Their ideas for running sales and managing the day-to-day work of keeping the feeds fresh and analyzing the results has been great!

We would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing this type of service. Thanks to all at OperationROI. Tremendous!

— Sean Ryan, Owner

Classic Shapewear


OperationROI optimizes our shopping channels for maximum exposure and revenue.

My experience with OperationROI to date is very positive. I like having the peace of mind, knowing that the staff at OperationROI keeps an eye on all of our shopping channels, and optimizes them to achieve maximum exposure for our brand, as well as maximum revenue.

Our friendly and punctual account manager never forgets to send us a weekly email update and report with the changes made to every channel. I would recommend OperationROI to business owners who want to expand their business but don’t have the technical knowledge or time to do it on their own.

— Oren Shapiro, Owner



OperationROI has proven to be an excellent choice.

As a small business owner?choosing a partner is a critical decision. OperationROI has proven to be an excellent choice to manage our online marketing. Like many small businesses, we were reluctant to make the time costly consuming jump into the complex world of managing our online marketing and the ever-changing platforms that are associated.

OperationROI has proven time and time again that they are our most valuable advertising asset. It used to be “How much do we have to spend”, and now it’s all about “How much more can we make”.

If you’re looking for a management solution, OperationROI is not a blind jump into the dog eat dog world of online marketing. They are a gentle elevator ride to the top floor.

— Ed Knapp, Owner

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OperationROI went above and beyond.

We hired OperationROI to help us market and promote our gardening products online. It didn’t take long to realize it was well money spent. Not only did OperationROI get our products setup in the major shopping networks in lightning fast time; they went above an beyond our agreement offering us advice on how to make our website more engaging for visitors.

The team at OperationROI is extremely responsive when it comes to returning emails or making adjustments to our campaign, and always has an upbeat and positive attitude. We’re extremely pleased with their efforts and would recommend them to our colleagues in business.

— Shawn S, Ecommerce Marketing



OperationROI delivers unmatched value and expertise in CSE and PLA management.

After working with OperationROI for almost a year, we’ve been very happy with the results. They have managed each shopping engine at the product level to meet our revenue and ROI goals. They have been easy to work with and willing to test and optimize to meet new challenges in the online comparison shopping channel. I recommend OperationROI as they’ve been a trusted partner is our success. (May 2014)

— Justin Rife, Marketing Manager

Rockwell Nutrition


OperationROI has increased our ROI 4 fold.

The team at OperationROI has maintained constant communication and excellent reporting, allowing us to grow our online business. They are committed in cutting costs and generating profitable revenue for us. In the 7 months they’ve been managing our pay-per-click and shopping feed accounts, we have seen ROI increase 4 fold! We are extremely pleased and highly recommend their services.

— Marc Stockman, President

DCG Stores


Take your business to the next level with OperationROI.

We are very pleased with the results OperationROI has achieved over the last few months. They are committed in cutting cost and generating profitable revenue for us. They have been excellent in communication with us since the start of our campaign. Reports are given to us on a scheduled basis and they make sure to explain what all the data means and proactively suggest areas for improvement. Our business has grown as a result of OperationROI and they have been very effective in meeting our targeted goals. We highly recommend their service to take your business to the next level.

— Danny Louie, Co-Founder

The Candyland Store


OperationROI is truly your partner on the web.

The OperationROI team takes an active approach for your business and are as much invested in your success as you are. Their attention to detail and follow up are unmatched. They don’t just sit back and click a few buttons and send a bill like so many other companies can do.

OperationROI will offer suggestions and strategies and not only implement them but communicate with you every step of the way and make sure you are happy. If you are lucky enough to have an account rep like ours this is one company that will be your partner on the web for years to come.

— Paul Ackley, Owner

Office Chairs Outlet


The team at OperationROI has allowed us to constantly grow the online business

I have worked with a couple of dozen website management companies over the past 6 years and am very happy that we are partnered with Operation ROI. The team at Operation ROI has maintained constant communication and excellent reporting allowing us to constantly grow the online business. I highly recommend Operation ROI and will refer family and friends looking to grow their online presence.

— John Haas Jr., Owner & General Manager

Atlantic Beds


OperationROI has exceeded our expectations in every way.

We are incredibly pleased to let you know how happy that we are to be working with Operation ROI. We are a small business in a very competitive industry and your knowledge about Comparison Shopping Engine marketing has been a great asset for our business. You guys have exceeded our expectations in every way.

Without hesitation, I would recommend your company to any business looking to grow and strengthen their online presence. My account rep has been great to work with. He works incredibly hard and always answers my questions and concerns in record time. It’s a real luxury for us to know that we are in such capable hands!

— Michael Wein, Director of Sales and Marketing

Red Dot Paintball


OperationROI is truly in tune with our goals.

We found Operation ROI to be truly in tune with our goals of the organization. Their drive to find return on investment while managing our product feeds was refreshing as we found that they treated our costs like it was their own. Great feedback and reporting while always accessible by phone if need be. Great job Operation ROI!

— Tim Osborn, Owner

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